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  • What is BYLD? When was it established?
  • BYLD is also called BHARTHI YASHLOYD Dental healthcare pvt ltd. A company founded by Dentists in 2009. Its main objective is to promote dentistry through motivating patients to take up timely treatments, make people aware of their problems and seek treatments. BYLD believes in prevention than treatment and tries to implement the philosophy among its customers. So the patients are made aware of their problems and then made to seek treatments.
  • Is that the only thing that BYLD does?
  • No. Apart from awareness programs 1)BYLD will either establish clinics or tie up with clinics to provide treatments to its customers. 2) BYLD will set up chains of dental diagnostic centres such as OPG and CBCT to help dentists in determining early diagnsosis and for helping its customers find solutions and care faster and easier 3) BYLD has developed software and will continue its development activities in the field to help manage dental clinic, dental colleges and dental production units. 4) B